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okay. let's see. you really want me to confess? okay let's. i'm confessing that you are the person who don't understand what is friendship meant. there is too many things i have to confess. but i can't. it is too heart breaking. I wish they were there just now :/ day by day, you're torturing me with all your awkward style and annoying things. i just want you to do one thing, and it is to be COOL! like others. you can be yourself but not too yourself my dear!  ihopeyouarereadingthis. thankyou ;) please change for the sake of your friends.

Selamat Hari Guru, Cikgu!
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assalamualaikum :)

hyee ebelibadi :) me wanna say HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY TO ALL TEACHERS IN THE ENTIRE WORLD ESPECIALLY TO MY MAK AND PAPA. Selamat hari guru mak , papa dan semua yang bergelar guru :)  hari ini hari anda :D without them, i may not know how to read and count :') so, hargailah guru-2 kita. tanpa mereka, tiadalah doktor, engineer, pharmacist, accountant etc. 

strictly reminding: without teachers, we are nothing ! :) SMILE (Y)

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